Should You Be Using Peel-Off Masks?

Should You Be Using Peel-Off Masks?

I remember when peel-off masks were the hot new thing. I think Boscia black mask was the first one I tried, it was supposedly great for exfoliation and invigorating the skin and you get to see all the nastiness that comes out of your pores. I don’t know how good ripping something off your skin is. The act of pulling something off the skin, just based on my basic knowledge of skincare, can cause irritation and redness. So let’s find out… peel-off masks are they good or bad for the skin?

I started off my research by asking a simple question, what’s so bad about using a peel-off mask? According to what Evie Reyna, a licensed esthetician, told INSIDER that peel-off masks can lead to sagging skin because of repeatedly pulling on the skin. Also, irritation is a real concern if you have sensitive skin.

There was another article on Well + Good that backs this up as well. Kalpana Depaquale an otorhinolaryngologist tells Well + Good that peel off masks do have really good ingredients in them, but they also rip off the very first layer of skin. And you kind of need that.

Now before you go off throwing out all your peel-off masks (please don’t reduce and reuse) you can still use them. As we literally just said, they have good ingredients in them. if you have some at home that you like use them just rinse them off inside of pulling, no matter how satisfying.

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