Say It Loud! How Affirmations Influence Your Life

Say It Loud! How Affirmations Influence Your Life

When Jim Carrey was younger he knew he wanted to be an actor. He wrote himself a million dollar check with the intent to cash it,eventually he made enough to cash that check. This is what people call manfestation. It’s when you have something that embodies and idea you have or a goal you want to become a reality. Affirmations are a version of manifestation, it’s when you say something positive or negative you’re subconsciously putting those actions in to words.

What you say to someone or yourself has an unseen effect on a person. When you say things like today’s a bad day. You rarely do anything that’s going to improve that day. Making it either very uneventful , or a bad day. You’ve already set in your mind that today is bad now nothing is going to change.

However if you say today’s going to be a good day, you do things to make it better. You’ll have a more positive outlook on things or try to find the good in a situation. Maybe you take a longer lunch to rest from a long work day. Or even if the sun comes out after a cold rainy day, it seems just a hair brighter than a gloomy day.

That’s why I believe affirmations are very important. You need to constantly remind yourself that you’re going to get that promotion so you’ll do things to get you there. Saying I’m going to eat healthier and it will start putting those words to action. It’ll start off small and then grow in to something larger. As long as you keep the mindset that you choose you can really make anything a reality.

Every successful person you see kept that vision in mind that they’re going to be rich and successful at whatever and they did it. Sometimes its luck but mostly it’s hard dedicated work and making the right connections. None of that would be possible if they believed that first no or they didnt think it was destined to be.

In conclusion. Keep the mindset that you want for your everyday life. Do you want it to be a good or a bad one. Life’s what you make it.

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