Rid Yourself of Dark Energy Fast

Rid Yourself of Dark Energy Fast

Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted all the time? Or maybe you just stopped caring about your appearance, what you ate or what happens in life. Signs of having Dark Energy around you can be apparent in tons away in everyday life. Maybe it shows itself to you through depression symptoms or you’re way more irritable than you used to be. Dark energy often times bring out the worst in you. If you’ve been feeling this way I know it can be draining but don’t worry there is a way out of it.

Dark energy

How Do You Attract Dark Energy?

Dark energy can happen in many ways. Maybe there was a recent argument that you had with your roommate or significant other. Or is it was a really bad/ stressful day and you just can’t shake that feeling . It could just have been a really tragic event that happened, like a death, that just brings sadness around you.

How Do I Do It?

The most popular method of cleansing yourself of negative energy is smudging. Just like you would do for your home you would do the same for your self. I also recommend doing this for your home and immediate environment to prevent the energy getting ‘re-stuck’ to you.

You can usually burn sage to cleanse yourself and your energy field. It neutralizes your energy field. You can also use frankincense or copal they’ll work the dame too.

To begin I always recommend calming your mind with meditation. Think positive. Meditate prior to cleansing so your soul is calm and not full or furry. Once your mind and body are calm then light your herb of choice and when you feel ready being to cleanse.

Start at the feet slowly working your way up the body. Spreading the smoke around the legs, arm, till you reach the crown of the head. I recommend saying a chant while you do this to invoke positivity in the mind and banish dark energy. It doesn’t have to be long, something as simple as…

“I welcome positive energy into my life and space. With this smoke, I remove all negative energy in my life.”

Keep it simple.

You can also use other methods such as a cleansing bath to wash away all the negative issues. Yoga and physical activities help to help realize negative energy. Also writing, or doing else artistic helps clear your mind.

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At least once a week I try to reset myself and invoke positivity into the week. Clear mind, and white light keeps the darkness away.

How do you guys rid yourself of dark energy? Let me know in the comments.

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