Review: I Tried A Dry Sheet Mask, Here’s What Happened

Review: I Tried A Dry Sheet Mask, Here’s What Happened

The other day I was on Instagram and I saw this one company (don’t ask me the name) promoting a dry mask. I like to think I’m pretty up to date on the latest in beauty skin care mainly this, however, I was in the dark about. My first question…

What the hell is a dry mask? 

It’s basically a sheet mask that was left out to dry..seriously. It has all the yummy nutrients that the traditional ‘wet’ sheet mask has, but its dry. 

I was skeptical. How is my skin getting anything from a dry sheet of cloth? It doesn’t heat up, you don’t rub it in, and it’s not wet like most masks. You don’t even apply it to a wet face you just put it on and there’s two holes on the either side so you can hook it on your ears to keep the mask on. 

Lets get in the positives first.

Pro – No mess. Since its dry, I could still eat and didn’t get any formula in my eyes or mouth.

Pro– No slipping and sliding. I cleaned my apartment while it was on so cool.

Pro – Its reusable up to 3 times so its good for Mother Earth ?

Those were all the lovely things about the mask. Also it wasn’t a total slimey cold mess to get out the package.

Now.. for all the good, the bad was..I didn’t see any difference. It just looked like I washed my face really good. It was expected though, but it was a good little hydration. 

I mean would I get it again? Probably not.

Would I suggest it, if you just want to try something new sure.

Its nice if you just want to do something, but its not for me.

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