Learn How To Over Power Your Bad Thoughts & Reclaim Your Happiness

Spirituality / Friday, December 7th, 2018

I have a really bad habit of replaying bad and negative events that have happened in my life. No matter if it’s from high school or last week my brain just loves to watch old movies.

Every time one of those thoughts come up I would wallow in it. I would let the same shameful and embarrassing feeling wash over me. I would try to think something positive but that didn’t work. My feelings were just too strong, and let’s be honest sometimes being positive just doesn’t work when the tears are about to fall.



Instead, I decided to be a bit more, analytical about the situation and ask my self, what good is this thought serving you? Or what’s the reason behind this thought? Doing this not only put a stop to those thoughts but it made my mind think of something else.

I never have a good reason. Like I can’t say I want to think about this because I like feeling sad.

1. That doesn’t make sense 

2. If it makes you (me) think “why do you want to be sad?”

These questions make you hold up a mirror to that voice and makes it answer you, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do.

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