How I Quit Smoking For Good

How I Quit Smoking For Good


I was a smoker for 8 years of my life. I can honestly say I enjoyed it. It was not only a social thing for me but it was relaxing.  I always came up with my best ideas when I smoked (or so I thought).


I don’t remember when they started but I started feeling the effects of smoking when I tried to take a deep breath I felt like there were little holes in my chest and it hurt, my right breast would ache and I would get nervous. Not to mention my skin would look dull, but I kept up my skin care so that wasn’t a huge thing for me. In fact, I didn’t notice how dull my skin was until I quit.


I can proudly say I have been smoke-free for  8 months now, and I don’t even crave a cigarette. My key reason for stopping I stopped enjoying the smell and I felt like I had ashes everywhere!  I just got over it all and I feel better for it.

I wanted to show you how I quit so you if you are considering quitting it can help you. And no I’m not going to bore you with the health issues you already know them all.

Do it when you’re ready

I “quit” 3 times before I was really ready. I every time I told my self I was quitting I would throw out my cigarettes so I wouldn’t be tempted to grab one in a moment of weakness. You’ll quit either you’ll do it willingly or not.

When You’re Ready, Take Baby Steps

When I would relapse and buy a pack I always took out about half and throw them out the window when driving back to my flat. So at least I was smoking less.

You Don’t Have To Tell People

Every single quitting help book tells you to tell people you’re quitting because they’ll support you yaddi ya. When I did tell people I was quitting I always felt like I was being watched which stressed me out, or I felt shame along with the people I told now nagging me about how good I was doing. My longest period of nonsmoking was when nobody knew about it.

Try Taking Long Breaks, 4-5 days

My biggest triumph was when I ran out of cigarettes and I couldn’t get another pack. So I had to wait.  When I did get a pack and pulled out my cigarette to smoke I expected the first inhale to be that euphoric feeling I usually have. Instead, it tasted like dry ash. I still smoked it though.

Listen To Your Body Not Your Mind

When I was on my last pack I had to make myself go smoke. My mind would remind me that I had a pack of cigarettes but when I tried to smoke my body would tense up and my taste buds hated it. Only my brain wanted it so I told myself no, and I had to keep my mind busy. So take up a hobby.

Tell Yourself You’re A Quitter

The best advice I ever got to stop smoking was from an app called Stop Smoking in Two Weeks. They have a lecture section that said “Once you decide to quit and you smoke your last cigarette, you’re a not a smoker anymore. No matter what they say no matter if it’s been a day or 3 years You quit” I paraphrased a bit but you get the idea. Don’t let people tell you it’s only been a week or a day. You quit and that’s it.

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