Queen Men pt2: Hard Eye Roll

Queen Men pt2: Hard Eye Roll

You guys remember that guy who I went on that ONE DATE with like a few weeks ago? If not check out this post and catch up.

I honestly thought after I told him I wasn’t interested he would vanish. No he didn’t. So I have a really bad habit of not saving numbers. You can pretty much anyone can call me and I’ll have to search through my text messages to see who you are. The queen boy went and called me, I didnt know who it was an casually started talking to him. Then I remembered who it was and swiftly ended the call. He then texted me from a different number asking me why I blocked him. I didnt, even though I should, and told him that.

Later on, maybe a few days. He calls me and doesn’t say anything, he did it twice. Then he goes on to text me ‘I’m outside’ I reply I’m going to call the cops. We then go on and on arguing for what I dont know. I had been drinking that night and felt threaten and if I feel attacked I bite back. Looking back and thinking about it, how would he have gotten here? He doesnt have a car. Also he doesn’t have any of my social media (I dont think) so how would he find me?

At the end of it he just left and I haven’t heard from him. I’m think I need a restraining order or something. This is high key ridiculous. I mean at the very least he’s harassing me right? What are your thoughts? I’m so glad I didnt go upstairs and sleep with him #ThankGodIDidntShaveFor3Months because who knows what would have happened if I did. I’ll keep you all posted, hopefully there will be no more updates. I’m literally blocking him now.

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