#ProductLust Love Beauty and Planet

#ProductLust Love Beauty and Planet

I’ve been hearing about this all natural brand drugstore brand I had to see what the buzz was all about.

If you’ve never heard of Love Beauty and Planet it’s an all natural skin care line that does not test on animals. Their goal is ethical skin care.

Here’s what they claim:

  • Beauty Packed In 100% Recycled Bottles
  • They conditioners are lightweight and rinse out fast.
  • The products are infused with all natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and murumuru butter.
  • It’s vegan, and organically sourced products for there fragrance oils. Questionable since you’re owned by a company that still tests on animals but let’s go with it( I didn’t know that prior to the purchase and trial run).
  • They don’t use parabens, silicones, or dyes.

Now that we know a bit about the back story about the company let’s pretend Unilever isn’t testing on Mr. Whiskers (they are working on other methods but still…). I was at Harris Teeter lazily strolling the empty aisles after work too bored to go home. I strolled past Love Beauty and Planet and thought “I’ve always wanted to try this brand, let’s do it.”

When I got home I hoped in the shower and lathered up. I wasn’t aamzing lux and it smelt like lotion. It has a nice rich texture in the shower. Although it has a nice texture and it says moisturizing, when I left the shower my skin didn’t feel soft, didn’t feel pampered it was like I washed with some off brand Bath an Body Works wash. My skin felt tight after.

I know a lot of natural products aren’t the moist hydrating but with the use of coconut oil it should be more moisturizing then this since the oil is really like a wax, so I should have more moisture than this.

All in all I would rate it a 6.5 out of 10. it’s not awful (as long as you have a good moisturizer) but you have to account for them testing on animals.

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