#ProductLust : c.Booth Body Lotion

I’m a huge advocate for moisturizing

I’ve been using this moisturizer for about a year and I’m just now buying another bottle and tbh doesn’t it still look full?

I love products that have treatment in them it makes life so much easier and c.Booth moisturizer all have treatments in them. The yellow one(pictured) was my first one and it has Shea butter for deep moisturization, Caffeine to firm your skin. it also has a lite exfoilator in there to help with your glow.

That’s what they say. What I say?

Yes my skin did firm up and my skin on my chest no longer has the fine lines it had from skin damage. It of course was moisturizing not insanly mositurizing but it was enough to make me feel lucious. Also smells like Lemons and sugar smelt so good.

I’m now on the blue one, this is Vanilla bean and no I don’t really smell it like that. This one is way more moisturizing than the yellow with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond, and Apricot Kernel. Also contains caffeine with antioxidants. I like it, however, I do currently have an itchy scab like sore on my stomach that appeared shortly after using this lotion (maybe it’s the almond?). Can’t say it’s related but I am going to take a break from using it and will up date you if it goes away or not.

With that being said I do still recommend this lotion maybe the yellow over the blue simply because of the sore but it’s still good and it lasts forever.

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