Prestige Or Drugstore: Which Is Better?

Prestige Or Drugstore: Which Is Better?
prestige skincare brands

I’m a strong advocate for quality of quantity, or in the case, price. Its a question that has stood the test of time. Which is better, high end skin care and cosmetics or drug store? Today, we end that discussion.

I’ve worked at a high end beauty store before and considered myself a beauty sob. However, I’ve recently opened my mid up to new possibilities and I have a few great experiences with both.

To really understand why people stick their nose up at drugstore brands. Back in the day, people thought the products were watered down and the cleansers were weak and ineffective. However, just like makeup has improved so has the case for many skincare brands both prestige and drugstore.

In the beauty world, there are really only two types of products. Prestige & drugstore.

prestige skin care brands

What Are Prestige Products?

The prestige products are basically higher end, “designer” products. You can only get them in specialty, or department stores. Once they go to the target they’re no longer considered prestige.

I remember when I discovered there was no difference between a prestige brand and drug store, I was working at a high-end retail store and we carried Carol’s Daughter I loved the brand. One day I came in and they were taking down the display, When I inquired to why the just told me it was because the brand was no longer considered prestige because it was being sold at Target.

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At the time I thought they must have changed something. I reluctantly went to Target and bought the same product and there wasn’t anything different. It was just because it wasn’t exclusive.

prestige brands

What Does That Mean?

It doesn’t matter if you get something Sephora, Dillard’s, CVS, or Amazon. If the product is good, it’s good! Don’t question it unless its for ethical reasons. Now I go back and forth, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like using higher end stuff, it’s mainly aesthetically pleasing. As far as working better there is no difference you just have to find what works best for you and that’s what you use.

What do you think?

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