Preparing A Detox After Vacation

Preparing A Detox After Vacation

So I’m just getting back from a boozing vacay and I feel awesomely bloated. I drank fizzy drinks and ate bread it was amazing. I really did try to stay as close to my diet as I could in the beginning but you only live once right? Now I’m bloated, gassy and full of delicious, delicious bread. Now it’s back to reality and it’s time to detox and calm my body down.



I know there has been a lot of backlash when it comes to detox. I’m not talking about doing a juice cleanse. My detox envolves and overload of fiber #tolietbeware and water because life is about to get really real.

I prefer to detox this way because it’s more natural and doesn’t work against my body like juice cleanses can. It’ll still leave me feeling clean though. Usually, I’ll do this detox for about a week maybe two if I was really “bad” with my fizzy drinks but it doesn’t take long. Without further a due here’s the process.

The After-Vacation Detox

water detox

Day 1-3: Starts off with liquids.

My goal is to rehydrate my system and flush out as much as possible without shocking my system. I’m grabbing my large gallon of water and going for gold! Around 3 ish I would eat a salad with a little protein to keep me full. Then do a quick (15min) cardio session to get me sweating. Detox officially started!



Time to get the rest of my body right and build upon my foundation. I’ll still be drinking a lot of water. Think about 3 liters a day. I’m now adding back in my vitamins and focusing on vitamin-rich foods to help get my glow back. I’m also upping my workouts back to my 30 minutes a day. I like to ease back into it so I don’t overwhelm myself.

Day 5-6: Up My Protein

Per my last post (here) you can see I’m really into fasting. I do that I eat mainly protein. So I’ll be going back on my protein smoothie and salmon dinners to help keep me full throughout the day.


Day 7: Fiber

This is the time when the fiber is kicking in and I’m pretty much in my office for the entire day. I’ve no completed my detox and my body is back to a fine-tuning machine.

I enjoy doing this detox because it again gets my body back to being regular and cleans me out a lot quicker. Also, it cleanses my palette. I like to indulge on vacation that involves a lot of drinking and bread all things that bloat me badly. By using fiber and water it helps combat that discomfort and leaves me feeling renewed.

How do you guys like to detox?

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