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How To Cure Your Brown Thumb

How To Cure Your Brown Thumb

Brown thumb (/broun/ Thəm ): The inability or lack of skill in gardening or growing plants, such that they in up dying or not growing at all.  I recently had a friend over and was admiring my garden and she had mentioned that she kills […]

5 Ways Recharge Your Social Battery

5 Ways Recharge Your Social Battery

I like going out and laughing having it a good time, but sometimes just being around people is to much. It sounds crazy but if you’re introverted you get it. You just don’t have the social bug extroverts have but even the most social butterfly […]

Why I Don’t Kiss

You know that romantic scene in every romantic comedy movie where the two lovers who just recently met kiss passionately before the camera fades out? I was never into that. I never really cared about or gotten the concept of kissing. Most times I kiss just to be polite or if we were together for a long time sure. However recently, I would rather not.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been single for a while and I haven’t been that in anyone, or if it’s just I think too much.

When I was with, we’ll call him Allen, the other day he wanted to kiss. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe it was because I wasn’t feeling him or possibly I couldn’t help but think where has his mouth been?

That’s my thing I’m literally the definition of an over-thinker. I don’t think omg this is so hot, I think of how you’re kissing, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, I could go on. So until I find someone who I enjoy kissing I’m just down with it. Except of course with the lips below. 😘

Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home

Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home

Stress is one of the top killers in the world, it can lead to many more issues both mentally and physically. Hopefully, that intro didn’t stress you out more but helped you realize that you need to get it under control. It’s not always easy […]

How To Properly Do A Chemical Peel At Home

How To Properly Do A Chemical Peel At Home

Chemical peels, once something everyone feared has become quite manageable and easy to do, in fact, you can do them in your own home now. They now come in a variety of forms, from gentle exfoliation to acne treatment and improving the overall quality of the […]

How & When To Let Him Go

There’s this guy who I’ve basically been in love with since I was younger. He’s not my dream guy, but what can I say even years later he still makes me swoon.

We recently got back in contact with each other and have been communicating on a daily basis. I thought maybe this would be it and we’d have the perfect story to tell inside edition when they ask me how I achieved all my goals.

However that day will have to wait because we are not meant to be, here’s how I figured it out and broke my own heart.

There’s distance..

They say ain’t no valley high ain’t no valley low can keep me from getting to you. But they must have had a lot of extra time and money to spend. I’m just not that dedicated to driving that far, and I’m not here to convince anyone else to make that drive while I have feelings for him he also broke my heart before so the trust isn’t there.

I took a long look at him.

Once I stopped swooning and I took off my rose colored glasses. I realized he wasn’t that great. In the since of he didn’t bring out the best qualities in myself and I doubt there was any good qualities I brought out in him.

It was pretty one sided..

While I like to believe we both got excited to talk to each other I’m pretty sure it was just me. I started to be the one talking first and asking to video chat and all that. Which is fine to do, if the guy is your boyfriend and seems to be just as interested as you. But if your calling and he hangs up shortly after telling you he’s going to call back and never does you might want to take the hint.

Never any time…

Long distant relationships take a lot of time. More time than traditional relationships. Neither one of us really had that time to put in to make this work.

I have to be honest with my self. If I was going to take the jump was I really going to stick with it or did I just like the idea? It was mostly the thought I liked,not the actual commitment. After I got pass the butterflies I hate to admit it but I would have wondered around and messed around, not a good look but hey I know me.

After all this thinking I decided it’s best to remain friends occasionally with benefits. Nothing more nothing less. It hurt to tell myself no but I value the friendship way more than dating him, even though it’s a nice thought.

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A Travel Guide 72 hours In Myrtle Beach

A Travel Guide 72 hours In Myrtle Beach

..::This is my travelogue::.. I finally made it down to the beach this year! I literally haven’t been since I was maybe 16 years old. Crazy I know, but life happens, so my sisters and I decided it was time for a trip! We stayed […]

Create Your Own Indoor Jungle

Create Your Own Indoor Jungle

  Jungalow isn’t just a fun new twist on the word bungalow. It’s a crazy fun lifestyle full of prints, colors, and plants…lots of plants so sayeth Justina Blakeney the creator of the jungalow vibe. I’m not necessarily one for the color, but I am […]

5 Ways To Find Your Peace After You Lost Your Mind

Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered what you did that day? You know you’ve gotten a few things accomplished, but you’re just not sure what it was.

Often times we go through the world in a daze, so focused on getting the task done that we don’t actually focus or even pay attention to what we’re doing or how we feel about it.

Time to change that and lead a more purposeful mindful existence.


Slow Down, do one activity at a time so you can focus your whole mind on one task to improve your concentration.

Start journaling in the morning as well as at night.  A good habit to get in to is journaling. Not only is it a good way to voice your feelings and opinions, it also helps you analyze them in a safe place.

Meditate. Get in touch with your body making sure you keep your sprit inline and analyze how you really feel.


Release your creativity. Whether its drawing, witing or painting find a way to release your creativity that also calms you.

Pratice Affirmations. You can say them all you want but if you  dont believe them or pratice them , then they’re just words.

Try This : Mantra Meditation

Try This : Mantra Meditation

There are so many different ways to meditate it’s astonishing. Today I wanted to talk to you about mantra meditation. Mantra Meditation is repeating a sacred word, phrase, or short affirmation aloud or in your head. I see mantra meditation as a sort of self […]