Life Update!!


Hey guys, it’s me, Kim coming back with a vengeance. I was actually out on a mental health leave and need to take a break and focus on me. As you may as well know I do have depression and anxiety. I had a really bad episode on night and relapsed bad. I had to […]

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What To Do When People Are ‘Trying’ You


When your coworkers get to clingy, annoying, etc it gets to the point where people are trying you. If you’re not familiar with that term it’s when people keep getting on your nerves or keep saying or doing little things like you won’t go off. Moment like this you really have to calm down and […]

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My Detox For When You Just Feel Gross


We all have those days where we just feel blah. Maybe you drank too much, just came off your cycle, or binged on way too much fast food. Or maybe you’re like me and dis all three. I’m not perfect but who is? Everyone has those days and its important not to beat yourself up […]

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2020 Critics Choice Awards: My Favorite Looks

Celebrity Style, Fashion

Let’s be honest, we only tune in to award shows f oh r the red carpet. Well maybe it’s for performances as well -but I only care for the looks. Speaking of looks the Critics Choice Awards just happened. I have to talk about the looks here they are. Thank you tmz for the photos

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4 Little Ways You Can Go Green


Living in a city, it can be hard to live a greener lifestyle. Although it will be hard, it’s not impossible! 1. Walk/or bus it when you can Im not overly ambitious but if you can walk somewhere go for it. It’s a nice work out and you see your neighborhood a little closer. You […]


Style Notebook: Moschino’s Pre Fall 2020

Fashion, StreetStyle

Have you ever wondered if the subway could be a fun and fashionable place? Where the subway was (semi) clean, plenty of seating and the ankle bracelets are really purses. Oh, a girl can dream of a piss free subway but only in the world of Moschino does this exist. Jeremy Scott staged his Pre-fall […]


Style Notebook: Kerry Washington

Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Style

Kerry Washington was spotted in Los Angeles rocking Senegalese twists swaying well below her waist beautifully decorated in golden jewels. She then completed the look by adding gold rings and bracelets. It seems as if Kerry is in the mood for romance with her soft makeup pink makeup and romantic pinky/brown smokey eye. She completed […]


Easily Organize ANY Sized Bathroom

Home, Living

The bathroom is easily the hardest thing to organize. There are so many things we use every day that it’s hard to know where too put them. When I moved into both my apartments and neither one of them had a linen closet. I always grew up with linen closets so switching over was a […]


How To Know You’ve Found Mister Wrong

Sex & Relationships

I’ve had my fair share of good relationships when it ended it was mutual and no one was heart-broken. Then there are those bad ones that you know are just bad and you knew it was bad from the jump. There are always tell-tell signs that this guy is not Mr. Right and this is […]


What I Wish I Knew Before Cutting My Hair

Hair, StreetStyle

If you’ve ever thought about cutting your hair short or all the way off there are a few things to consider. All About Face. There’s nothing to hide behind. Nothing. So that pimple or dry skin flakes are there. Not saying that you have to have flawless skin to cut your hair but just keep […]


Queen Men pt2: Hard Eye Roll

Sex & Relationships

You guys remember that guy who I went on that ONE DATE with like a few weeks ago? If not check out this post and catch up. I honestly thought after I told him I wasn’t interested he would vanish. No he didn’t. So I have a really bad habit of not saving numbers. You […]


Yes, You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here’s Why

Living, Wellness

Everyone likes to come home to a stress free house. After a long day it’s good to just unwind turn on Netflix and become a burrito and turn off the world. Its life as an “adult” in the new millennium and we’re all a little depressed but it’s all good. When you come home to […]


Thoughts On: The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Living, Skin

I’m all about loving yourself through skincare. When I went to Ulta the other day I was looking for a chemical peel. Usually, I use Ole Hendriksen Power Peel, I used it for years and I swear by it. However, The Body Shop might have them beat by a bit. Based on the sales associate’s […]