Single Girls Guide To The Stages Of Online Dating

Single Girls Guide To The Stages Of Online Dating

As Drake once said, “There’s levels to this sh*t.”Online dating,

Being a single girl in her late 20s working more the recommended 40 hours work week online dating has become my link to the meeting the guy of my dreams.

It’s not as bad as every rom-com has made it seem (although some of it’s true) it’s also not as magical but its a lot easier to navigate if you know how it works.

And I’m here to show you the way.

First, let’s talk about the zones. Having an idea of what kind of zones you want to be in can helps you determine what you’re looking for.

Friendzone when you’re not looking for a boyfriend but you kind of just want someone to go out with and maybe hook up with once or twice on a drunk night out. If you’re looking for a friend treat them like a friend, meaning if it’s not a date don’t expect them to pay your way.

Just Freakin its Thot season and you know you’re not trying to be tied down to anybody. You just want to have a good time and that’s cool make sure you invest in some good condoms and BC.

An Actual Relationship one of the rare ones who are actually here for a long time not a just a good time. Not gonna lie you’re going to be digging for a while but it all works out in the end if you put in the work.

Now that you snagged a date here’s some dating 101 :

  1. Always in public for the first few meetings NO Exceptions.
  2. Tell someone where you’re at. If you can bring a friend.
  3. Relax. Worst case scenario you get an interesting story to tell (feel free to share.)
  4. Bring cash you never know how it’s going to go. I always say bring $30 safe cash just in case he’s a dick and I have to bail.

I go into safety tips for dating in a previous post you can read here.

After Date Etiquette

If you enjoyed your date and want to see them again let them know! I don’t believe in a one or two day rule if you want to talk to someone then talk to them.


Do not blow up their phone. Say your thank you or hello and if they do not respond don’t text again. They saw your message if it were important or they cared to talk to you again at some point would respond whether it’s immediately or a few days later. But don’t text 4 or 5 times like girl/guy come on.

Any tips of your own? Let me hear them in the comments.

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