On The Path Of Life I’m Turning Left

On The Path Of Life  I’m Turning Left

For a long time, as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to fit a mold. I wanted to be how everyone else was or thought I should look like. It was al I knew. When I was growing up it was in a “traditional” Christian household, where you’re taught to keep quiet and follow suit. As I grew up however my family moved away and became less traditional. In this outside world I didn’t fit in at all, heck I didn’t even know what lipgloss was!

So when I met people and tried to find similarities or just join in on the joke I didn’t know what I was doing and messed it up So I just slunk away, tried to blend into the background and fit in. No, it didn’t work, but your girl tried and tried. Now, whenever I’m in a new situation I just mimic, and it fails because it’s been done.

Old habits die hard huh?

Well after some much needed alone time, self-reflection and moving away from everyone I ever knew and loved. Its safe to say I’m tired of trying to blend in especially in a world where nobody really knows what they’re doing. I’m telling all of this I. Am. Changing.

I’m on a new journey, a new walk of life that just feels right, FINALLY and there’s no one to follow. Its a path that’s been calling to me for years and now I’m ready. I hope that you join me on this journey and learn something about you too.

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