Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard

They always come in the night. Like predators on the hunt looking for their prey. They smell your scent and eyes are locked. They know you’re weak they know you’re willing even if its just for the moment. They are THE EX’S (classic horror scream).

How is it that no matter how far or how wide you go your ex’s still manage to find their way back to you? Or is this just a me thing? I cant lie its nice to know that I can still have it. The Pisces in me is always thinking about fate saying things like “OMG you found your way back to each other” but the Virgo in me is like girl its one night calm down.

I’m all for doing how you feel but as i said before and i say it again there’s a reason why you left. There’s a reason why its on and off. And if you’re wondering how to get them to stop its simply by not responding. Although that doesn’t work all the time.

Take for instant my ex from like 10 years ago. I haven’t talked to this guy in years. I have the screen shots to prove it. Yet here he is in my facebook messenger. You might be thinking I got the juice but honey there’s nothing more toxic than someone you left in the past coming back for closure. There’s No closure to be had after 7 years ( that’s not an exaggeration its been 7 years).

He first messaged me back when facebook had that anonymous message game. I was so flattered then i saw who it was. Oh no called the squad and we we’re all shocked. Of course I didn’t respond once i knew. There’s no reason too! I have moved on and fell in and out of love so many times since then its a wonder why I’m still on your mind.

I always find it disrespectful when a blast from the past comes in to your life to profess their love to you. They don’t know how you are in your life if you’re married with kids living the american dream. And all because they realized their mistake now its I’m sorry. No. No. Hell Naw. That’s just a mini rant for all the fabulous women out there who have moved on from a toxic pass to a bright future. #ShineBrightLikeADiamond

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