How Negative Energy Kills You Physically

How Negative Energy Kills You Physically

Have you ever been around someone and just got a bad vibe? Like you walked into an empty alley and it sent chills down your spine? The little voice in your head that tells you when danger is near, It’s your intuition. It sends you subtle clues when to avoid a bad situation.

I’ve been working on getting in touch with my inner self because it’s the year of self-care. So I’m getting stricter about who and what I allow in my life, including people that give off a bad vibe. My one rule is “if I’m second guessing chilling with them I probably shouldn’t be.”

To give you an example of how toxic things can be. An old friend of mine mentioned they wanted to stop by while they visited the city. Let’s just say their tone wasn’t some much as a friendly “I want to see you again.” More of an “I’m coming so get ready.” As soon as I agreed to let them come over I regretted it. I began having negative thoughts and feelings infiltrating my once peaceful mind. Instead of finding joy in their visit, I was met with anger and depression.

When they started arguing over a message I didn’t respond to,  I was done. They were obviously an ill-spirit and to let them into my space would be unwise, just the thought of them coming made me feel unsure of myself. They brought up some old feelings and memories that tore at my esteem and rattled me to the core.

I decided my spirit was not in a place to take their negative aura so I declined the visit. I knew my sanctuary was more important than seeing them.

You have to remember to put yourself first even if it hurts or is not pleasant. You need to kill unnecessary negative vibes. Life brings enough of them without your “friends” adding more.

Let that shit go…

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