Natural Remedies For Respiratory Issues

Natural Remedies For Respiratory Issues

Mother nature is so equipped to handle even our toughest problems its mindboggling on why we keep trying to destroy her. I have learned how to channel mother natures healing powers to help with my breathing issues.

I suffer from asthma, so dusty or overly polluted areas cause me to have a flare-up, not to mention my sinuses always do me in. The air that I’m surrounded with can make or break me, I used to always have an inhaler on me at all times. That was until I learned how to keep my flare-ups at bay.

I keep Air purifying plants in my home.

What is an Air Purifying plant?

According to an article from Live Science states scientists found that plants can absorb many gasses besides carbon dioxide including Benzene(found in some plastics, cigarette smoke, fabrics) formaldehyde which is found in some cosmetics, detergents, fabric cleaner and carpet cleaner. There’s a longer list of VOCs here if you would like to read up on them. But some of these pollutants are linked to asthma, nausea, and chronic illness like cancer.


I couldn’t believe it all of those things are floating around in the air and we’re just inhaling them wondering why we’re getting worse and not better. While medical attention might be necessary, there are always alternatives.

  1. Have some plants in your home. Use the power of nature to eliminate those toxins from your environment so you can breathe easier. Read my article Creating Your Indoor Jungle to find easy to care for plants.

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      2. Clean. No brainer, but it does help remove all the dead skin cells.

      3. And cleanse open a window and light incense while saying a quick                  prayer for good health. You’ll feel the air and environment appear                  lighter.

While these may lessen your need to take medicine, please seek medical attention if it is needed.

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