My Tarot Card Of The Week: The Tower

My Tarot Card Of The Week: The Tower

I’m an avid reader of tarot cards. I love how they give me insight on the week and help me prepare for any obstacles I might face. I do weekly readings because when I was doing it daily, all the cards keep the same theme. Like when I was going through a rough patch I knew it was ending because all that week I kept getting cards telling me my journey is ending. This week in my tarot card reading, I got Tower. Oh, boy.

What Does The Tower Card Mean?

It all depends…

Upright Tower Card…

Tower Card, Tarot Card

If the tower is upright then life is about to get a bit crazy around you. You might experience a divorce, job loss, health problems or financial issues. In short, expect the unexpected. Things are going to be crazy for a while and rock your mental, physical, and emotional world.

The chaos is in the cards itself.

The lightning bolt represents clarity and insight cutting through the lies and illusions you’ve been telling yourself. Your world will come crashing down as you realize all the false truths and illusions you’ve surrounded yourself with. Any shaky foundations you might have built your tower (get it) on will come crashing down.

This can be very challenging. Everything you’ve come to know is now a lie and now you don’t really know what to do. When in doubt always look north. Raise your head high and keep looking and moving forward. You have now realized that your relationship, job, etc was not meant for you and you are now ready to embrace the future with the truth now being on your side. This is the perfect time to open up that self-improvement book you’ve been meaning to read and really get into a positive mindset. Do not fear change, it helps you grow.

Reversed Tower Card…
Tower card, Tarot cards

The reversed tower means there is a big…Big…HUGE change happening internally. This differs from the upright tower because that change is external, the reverse tower is all internal. This is a change that you have started and are calling in to question your entire belief system, values, and purpose. This is the time you might be going through a spiritual awakening and change your opinions drastically. While this process is hard and challenging again remember that the tower card, while chaotic, is all about growth. Do not resist it! Like the reverse Tower Card can often represent resistance to change you cause this change by resisting the change. Keep an open mind and embrace the change, remember change is a good thing. If you can tune in to your intuition and sense the winds of change coming you can plan to deal with the storm.

Have you ever pulled this tarot card? What are your thoughts on when you pull a card with a negative connotation? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

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