My Detox For When You Just Feel Gross

We all have those days where we just feel blah. Maybe you drank too much, just came off your cycle, or binged on way too much fast food. Or maybe you’re like me and dis all three. I’m not perfect but who is? Everyone has those days and its important not to beat yourself up about eating not as nutritious foods. You just have to start back up and keep it moving.

You know by now I’m a fan of a detox #cleanmeout. When I just need a pick me up from a week of craving I don’t do a crash diet like my vacation detox and slash calories and protein it up. Hell working out isn’t even this detox plan. I focus more on tastebud friendly food to remind myself nutritious food can taste bad for you. I also like to go mostly vegan with this detox and try some unusual food since my body is obviously tired of what I usually feed it.

On this week’s menu its broccoli in a garlic sauce, vegan meatballs and a vegan taco bowl. I chose vegan because I can still eat the items with a bit less unnecessary guilt. I’m also adding fruit to the mix since my sweet tooth has been all over the place lately. I’m not a chocolate girl by any means but I’ve been loving Ice cream Twix bars no matter what my stomach says.

I created this plan by keeping this mantra in mind. I’m creating a healthier life and soul. This is not about getting back to my pre binge weight. I’m not really counting calories (although its always in the back of my mind) and I’m not trying to get anything out. I’m just trying to feel better and leafy well-seasoned meals are the key to satisfying your soul and waistline.

How do you guys stay fit and satisfied? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow.

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