My 5 Favorite House Plants For Beginners

My 5 Favorite House Plants For Beginners

I’ve always had a love for nature and its beauty. From watching my grandma’s tall Ficus Tree grow in our foyer to walking on the grass barefoot in the backyard. It was always so calming and grounding to watch mother nature just be, and to feel her power radiate through me. Now that I’m older and live in the city it’s more difficult to go out barefoot, but I still bring in a little(ok a lot) greenery into my place. I always say a house is not a home until you have a plant or two in every room.

However, everyone doesn’t have a green thumb. It can be hard to find the right plant just for you. It’s all trial and error but luckily plants are pretty inexpensive for the most part and they grow as big as you like. Also, there’s a lot of plant communities on Facebook and Instagram that can help you out if you’re ever lost. Today I’ll show you some of the plants I got when I first started and made great beginner plants if you’re looking to become a plant mom yourself.

Golden Pothos

I love any and all vine and hanging plants. The fall so beautifully over wall or fixture and are themselves a decor piece. Golden pothos can survive after being neglected for a few weeks at a time. They also grow pretty fast too so if you want to see a quick pay off for your work then this would be a perfect plant for you. You can typically find them anywhere for a couple of bucks for a small one and in a few months or so it’ll be time to replant them into a bigger pot! You can always stick your finger in the soil about two inches and of it feels dry then it needs water. If that’s not your thing, just check the leaves. If they’re slightly curved then its time to water!

Nerve Plants or Fittonia

Speaking of curved plants let’s bring in this drama queen. This was one of the second plants I bought from Lowes I think. I had this plant forever till its roots went bad, hopefully, it recovers. Anyway, they can thrive in a lot of conditions but indirect light and humid work best. If you forget this plant it’s ok she will theatrically wilt until you water her. Then in about 20 minutes she’ll peek right back up and be beautiful once again.

Snake Plant

If you want a plant that looks nice but doesn’t really want to care for it then this is IT. Snake plants do great in pretty much any light however every plant needs a little light to grow, even if it’s just a sliver. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I water my plant and it’s grown a new leaf! So if you want a plant that thrives on neglect and you live in a fairly dark place then you should do well with this plant.

Aloe Plants

I’ll never say all succulents are easy because I have killed one before, they are minimalistic plants though. They are typically found in hot dry climates so if you’re in a similar area then you’ll be fine. With my aloe I don’t really water them, they’ll usually dry completely out then if Ill water it, so it’s usually ever few weeks it seems. It’s definitely aesthetically pleasing so you want a plant to brag about or is useful then try this puppy out.


I don’t have much to say about my bamboo plant. Again it was one of the first plants that I ever got. I’ve had two stalks die but that’s in 2 years. It is a very beautiful plant and I hope for many years. Often times I do forget to water it and it comes back, in fact, I can’t tell that it ever left. If you’re looking for good feng shui it is believed bamboo can bring strength, flexibility, and health all amazing things.

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