Movie Recap The Platform

Movie Recap The Platform

I typically am not a movie person. If I’ve heard enough people talk about a movie or the title catches my eye, I’ll check it out. The Platform is one of those movies. The movie is a Spanish horror film released in 2019 Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. I read on Facebook that people were afraid to go to sleep after watching it. Let’s see if its actually scary.

The film opens up with the warden(I’m guessing) inspecting the food in the kitchen. The prison is like a tower with 200 plus floors, each floor is a cell with a hole in the middle with 2 prisoners in a cell, the prisoners change floors every month. The cells have one hole in the middle which the food is slowly lowered so that each floor can eat. They’re basically eating the leftovers of each floor. The lower it gets the less food is on the platform. They can not keep any food. If they do they adjust the temperature in the room. They either cook you alive or freeze you to death. Right now they’re on floor 48 so they’re ok.

So far its gross but its captured my interest. I wonder what makes it horror.

Now it’s getting a bit deeper. The protagonist (Goreng) is told there are no rules in the Hole as he notices a women on the platform of food. He is told that she is looking for her son. She kills every cellmate she has for a chance to be roommates with him. As she’s lowered to the next floor you see the two men grab her but she’s one touch S.O.B. and she calmly climbs back on the platform covered in blood and I mean covered.

Now they’re on a very low floor 171. No food is coming. The protagonist is tied to his bed and his roommate has told him that he is going to start eating him. This has to be a gore fest. That crazy lady is back and attacked the guys roommate. She set the protagonist free handed him the knife and he killed his roommate. It was crazy.

This movie looked like it had potential to be good. It did but it’s not my kind of horror, its psychological. It’s one of those what would we do when we’re pushed to the limit type of horror movies. Like it only gets scary when they’re on the bottom floor. If the story was told from the point of the woman who was traveling floor to floor maybe? I don’t know, but I got 30 mintues left, he’s got one month left.

Yes so this movie did not live up to expectations. The ending was rushed. I won’t tell you in case you want to view it for yourselves. It was a noble cause but like there was no method to this madness. Which is a reflection in our prison system or better yet the class system. Where the poor are left with nothing and the upper class are gluttons, it just makes me sad and confused because we already knew that. Why did the black guy die? And why couldn’t the main guy come with the kid? Like how was this scary.

Rating 3/10 if that. If you saw it and I’m missing something please tell me.

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