Mood Board: Be The Light

Mood Board: Be The Light

Over the past few days, like a week and some change, I have been in the worst mood. Like really bad, I’ve had negative thoughts and have even turned some of those thoughts into actions. That’s not like me, it’s not the “me” I want to be. While we all should accept ourselves for who we are (the good and the bad) we shouldn’t shun change and I’m trying to change and do better.

I feel as if my bad mood has been triggered because I recently started birth control and I started doing the depo shot. I’ve taken it many years ago and loved it and decided to get back on. I currently on my first 7+ day period in 5 years I usually only last 3-4 days.

So this is very unusual for me plus my hormones have been crazy. having a longer than usual period after your first depo shot is normal but again it’s something I haven’t experienced. So I’m chalking my bad moods and overall crankiness to that. I’m praying that all my hard work toward a better life isn’t lost because of this small change.

My mood board is motivation for me to stay positive even though I want to burn every building down while cutting down everyone in sight. I need to remember my peace and go back there when I feel my anger. These images represent where I want to be. Where I will be and things that I need to remind myself like…

To meditate – I haven’t done it as often as I need to.

Reminder to let that bleep – cause it’s never that serious.

To find peace – Take 10 to breathe.

And most importantly a reminder that this moment will pass.



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