Mercury Retrograde and How To Survive It

Mercury Retrograde and How To Survive It

Get ready all I’m about to talk about Mercury in retrograde I fell it a lot of it is media just giving it a bath wrap so I’m here to how to break down what Mercury retrograde is how to get through it and if it is something you should really be worried about or is it something that you can actually thrive then so if you’re interested to read on.

What Is Retrograde Anyway?

If you’re new to horoscopes and astrology it’s totally fine if you don’t know. In short, retrograde is when a planet moves in the opposite direction of the other planets.

Short and sweet right? If that’s all it is why does mercury in retrograde send fear in the hearts of millions?

Mercury in astrology dictates communication and intelligence. During this time it’s not unusual to feel foggy in the head or miscommunicate with others. That’s why it’s often blamed for rifts in relationships, trouble at work, and technology on the fritz.

It can be stressful but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll tell you how to deal.

How To Deal With Mercury In Retrograde

1. Stay Relaxed

This is the time you need to go with the flow. Don’t try to fight with things that aren’t going smoothly.

2. Take it easy on you and everyone else

Everyone is going through something at this time. Be patient and make sure that there’s mutual understanding.

3. Over Explain

When sending emails, DMs, and text. Triple check your message for any typos or signs of miscommunication. They amplify around this time.

4. Don’t make any serious commitments.

This is not the time to make any life changes decisions like breaking up with a significant other, signing contracts, or anything like that. They’re less likely to stick around for the long haul.

5. Organize your life and finish up projects.

Since Mercury rules Virgo the organizer of the zodiac now is the perfect time to let yourself go deep into any projects you’ve been putting off. As well as getting your life in check whether it be organizing your closet or finally planning that trip it’s perfect timing for that!

Always remember this time is only stressful if you let it be. You control your present and future. You can and will get through this buy keeping a positive mindset and not letting it get to you. Remember the stars guide you follow them.


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