Mediate on Gratitude To Welcome Positive Change In Life

Mediate on Gratitude To Welcome Positive Change In Life

We’re often taught to chase after things in life like money, a promotion, family, a job, etc. While those things are good to have that type of mentality often leads to us feeling as if we don’t have enough and wondering if we ever will. But being focused on gratitude and focusing on mental health is worth more than anything.


I used to have a very high-stress job. It paid well, but I worked very long hours with little to no help. I was miserable not to mention the toxic environment. I can’t even say it was worth the money because I didn’t have time to spend the money or enjoy the few purchases I had. Long story short I got a new job and hopefully, it allows me some more free time, hopefully.

After the whole ordeal with the job, I had about a week off from work. I started working out more and after one particularly invigorating work out I meditated. Just to calm me down and really be present and in the moment. I went on with my meditation and now I’m here to share how to focus on gratitude.

How To Gain Gratitude Through Meditation

First get comfortable take few deep breaths and when you’re ready close your eyes.

Begin thinking about your body and how it carries you throughout your day.

Then begin thinking about your home, how it protects you from the elements outside and the evil in the world.

Think about the clean water you think and the food in you fridge that provides you nourishment to power you though the day.

Next, think about the friends and family members who love and support you through your life.

Now picture a golden ball of light in the center of your chest. Remember this warm feeling you have. Invision the ball of golden light spreading through your body all the way down to your toes and your fingers.

Allow yourself to feel this feeling for a few moments, and when you’re ready open your eyes.

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