Making Time For What Matters

Making Time For What Matters

While talking on the phone the other day with my good friend she was talking about life stresses. How stressful bills, kids, and living up to other people’s expectations are. She has been mentally and physically drained because of all this and how she’s tired of the strong black women narrative. As she went on we began talking about how just the stress of life can get to us all and there’s little to no help for it.

I remembered when I first moved out on my own I was so stressed because I had to survive on a shoestring budget and there was no way out. You start going to vices that do nothing but make it worse, but you need that escape. You need something that takes your mind off the harshness of life and make you feel at peace. When you dont have access to therapy or don’t respond well to it what can you do to help you?

You have to find your happy and make time for it. I know it sounds silly or foolish but it’s TRUE. You have to find something that makes you happy whether it be plants, personal grooming, cooking, or talking with friends. Whatever you can do once in a while just for you to make you feel good do it. I know it doesn’t feel right to do or you think you dont have time but it is ok to make time out just for you to make you happy. Your mental health matters and you matter.

The bills aren’t going anywhere, you can take 5 minutes for a bubble bath and decompress. If you’re looking for your permission slip here it is, take some time for yourself and enjoy it.

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