Make The Best Of An Awful Situation


I enjoy night over day. Days are too busy and hectic and filled with things to do and places to be. At night, however, its always about enjoyment or relaxation. Time goes by very smoothly and calmly at night you can really focus on your thoughts and priorities.

As I walk up the stair to my apartment stairs for the last time and reflect on my day I think to myself, “what did I do today to make my future self proud?” Today it wasn’t anything, and I’m sad to say it’s probably been this way for a while. My mind has been too focused on the wrong things.

I need to get focused back on my goals and my being and remind my self that I work to live not live to work. There’s so much more to life than a routine, there’s so much more to life than work. When I finally reach my apartment and open the door I see the boxes spread out across the room, reminding me of my future move. My frustration dies and I’m happy to be home. This is what my future self will be proud of I made it out my old apartment into a new one.

Another thing my future self will be proud of is a promise I’m making to my self. Letting my anger fuel my dreams. So when I come home angry or upset, take that energy and do something constructive with it.  I welcome you to make this promise to yourself too. Just think of the things you’ll accomplish!

Then when you’re done we can laugh and drink some wine while we watch Netflix it’s all about the process.

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