How To Live Your Best Life


Sometimes there are certain events or say that resonate with us and make us want to live up to our full potential. I have to admit I don’t always live my life to the fullest. Sometimes, I’m tired, or  I just can’t afford to do everything I want to right now. Needing a rest day or planning to save up for a trip or a new car doesn’t mean that I’m not living my best life. Sometimes I’m just living life and doing the best I can until I can do everything on my bucket list.

So here are some ways you live your best life while also living in reality

Connecting with old friends (or making new ones)

Meeting people and having a good laugh with people who bring positivity in your life is something that so few people get to do. We should cherish these moments with our loved ones even if you’re just binge drinking on wine and Netflix. It doesn’t matter.

Trying the New Thai Restaurant you keep passing.

If you like to travel but you’re also a millennial and you can’t take time off work you can explore your town or even drive to the nearest town just to see what’s going on. It doesn’t have to be a huge life-changing event for it to improve your outlook on life.

Going to a Cooking Class

I’ve always wanted to take a cooking or pottery class. Just to do something new and not so exciting but still, I’m doing what I want.

To sum it up, living your best life doesn’t have to be traveling everywhere at a drop of the hat, or doing something crazy like free-falling. As long as your accomplishing your goals, trying new things, and most importantly enjoying your life you are living your best life. So go ahead and live on girl.

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