Life Update!!

Hey guys, it’s me, Kim coming back with a vengeance. I was actually out on a mental health leave and need to take a break and focus on me. As you may as well know I do have depression and anxiety. I had a really bad episode on night and relapsed bad. I had to deal with that, I’m no good to anyone if I’m not good to myself.

They have me on medication now and I’m getting adjusted to it. It does make me foggy, and tired so if you see me rambling or a post doesn’t make sense, I just foggy. I’ve started back in the gym and I got a little puppy! His name is Tokie and even though I’ve only had him for a few days he is the reason I live. I know I sound silly, but I’m so serious he’s been nothing but a light for me in this dark tunnel.

Other than that I’ve been working like a mule. Trying to get back in my rhythm and fix my life #shoutout2Iyanla. I’m going back to therapy with a good therapist and slowly build my life back. It’s hard y’all. I remember sitting in that cold room all alone thinking that this is how I started my new year and got so sad. But if I had already started at my lowest there’s nothing but up from here. I have the best support team and I’m very hopeful.

Wish me luck and happy new year to you!

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