Lessons From My Quarantine Life

Lessons From My Quarantine Life

With the pandemic going on I just want to wish you all well and I hope you’re in high spirits.Quarantine life can be challenging. I hate being told what to do, more importantly just having to constantly being in the house it’s, depressing. One thing that I’ve learned during quarantine is tomorrow is not promised. I know so often we hear this in the death sense, and while we might die at any moment it’s also true that nothing is here forever.

There are so many things in my life that I’ve said I’ll do later and put it off til Friday, Monday or whenever that I could have easily taken care of that day had I not known it would be taken from me and I wouldn’t be allowed out doors!

Also, something that I realized I have the time. I know that I’m not the only culprit that says I don’t have the time to read to do this or to do that. Well, now that I do I realize something’s I just don’t want to do. I can plan stuff out all the time, but I very rarely do it. Today I had time to sit down with myself ad literally ask myself, why? It used to be I was so tired from work but I now have the ability to really plan my day. I can decide how much time I want to spend on… whatever yet I’m here not doing anything.

Enough of that. When this is over it’s time to get more than what I got, time to do my to do list that’s out there in the world. Homie, this is my day.

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