2 Week Korean Skincare Routine Review

2 Week Korean Skincare Routine Review

I love skincare anything, where I can pick over myself, is a dream for me. I rediscovered the Korean Skincare Routine I was surprised I hadn’t tried it. The bases for the skincare routine is surrounded in moisturizing and keeping the skin looking youthful. As you may know, Koreans take their skincare routines very seriously. I’ve even heard some women go to the spa 3 times a week wouldn’t that be love?

Looking over the steps I was surprised how thorough it was. If you aren’t familiar with it involves a very lengthy skin care routine think about 8-10 steps morning and night! It introduced me to products that I wasn’t aware of. Here’s the full list of products that you would need to complete the routine.

Korean Skincare Shopping List:

Korean Skin Care

They all hold their own unique benefit in their own way. There are two products that I never heard of before, Essence and Ampule, are brand new to me. I can honestly say though I’m happy to have learned about them. I love added them on and I feel like my skin has gotten an added boost from using them.


Most of the products that I use I found on Amazon and Sephora. One thing that you’ll appreciate is the 10 pack of sheet masks you can order from Amazon. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

The Korean Skincare Process

So there are actually 2 routine one that you do in the morning and one that you do at night.

Korean Night Routine

This seems like a very long routine but in all honesty, after two weeks it didn’t feel that long.

My first night I felt so pampered, I loved all the serums and my skin felt so moisturized. But that only lasted a day. Some nights like most things I got too sleepy but once I got to washing my face I the rest I would just smear everything on my face.

My Amazon Purchase

Something that I noticed is I felt as if I’m more oily than hydrated by the end of the day. For example, if I wore eyeliner it would be gone by midday. I am naturally oily(combination/oily skin type) so there’s that and these are days when I wear a pencil liner, my liquid is just fine. My skin overall feels smoother, I use a vitamin C serum but I haven’t noticed to much of a difference when it comes to dark spots. I will say I do pay more attention to my skin, replacing a few drinks with water instead of wine.

In conclusion, I do like the routine it’s a great way to refresh the skin or keep it looking lively. My skin looks more full and moisturied also, my breakout subsided. I started this because my skin was looking dull and lifeless and I can say with full confidence that the new skin care routine is working. I’ll probably skip a few of the serums but as far as the sheet mask every night, no way I’m skipping it totally worth it!

Would you try this routine or have you? Let me know in the comments.

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