Just Like That Its Over

Just Like That Its Over

Something funny about me I’m a day-dreaming realist. I will run away in my own dream but once I’m out of that state of euphoria I get in my head and talk myself out of it. Let me explain.

Remember when I was super in love like 3 days ago? If not, catch up here in my last post. Well the realism side of me got to me. I started to think about me and Ramone for a bit and noticed little things. Like he had mentioned how he’s waiting for a job down here to open up in his career field. He mentioned one company 3 hours away. I couldn’t believe that it was the only place. So I snooped.

It was really easy I just dis a Google search and looked. There was a place hiring 30 minutes away from me. 30 minutes. I didn’t understand it. I haven’t confronted him about it. Why? Well, it’s not like we’re together. Again it’s because of distance at least it is for me. I just think that’s odd. This entire time was he blowing smoke up my ass?

I’m too old and tired. I’m not going to jump to fast to conclusions. I am however going to do what I suggest most girls in my situation should do. If a guy is giving you mixed signals dont accept the signals at all. People do what they want and if they want to be with you they would. I will set up roots here. Take things a bit more serious and just let my “relationship” fall where it may. I mean why get caught up, right?

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