What A Jade Roller Actually Does To Your Skin

What A Jade Roller Actually Does To Your Skin
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How often have you been scrolling down your Instagram feed to see a beauty guru use a jade roller and wonder wtf is it? It looks so chic like the newest OMG product that you have to have. But again what do you do with it and how is it beneficial to your skin?

Well, I dug around and asked around and found out everything you need to know about this oh so luxurious gem.

What is a Jade Roller?

As in the name, it’s a roller made out of a solid jade stone, it comes in different stones as well such as amethyst and rose quartz.

How Do You Use It?

I figure this image from Pinterest would help you better than I would ever be. You would want to apply your serum first or your moisturizer so you would have a smooth base. Lightly press down on the skin and begin rolling outward and upward on the neck moving up along the jawline and so on.

When you get around the eyes start closest to the nose then work outward towards the hairline. Follow this pattern around the cheeks then move up to between the brows moving up towards the hairline. When it comes towards the brows move it from inner to outer. The key is to move up keep everything up.

When rolled correctly the jade roller helps:

Increase Bloodflow

Reduce Swelling

And when frozen can reduce inflammation.

While they are marketed for anti-aging they don’t really help with the aging process, rolling something on your skin to prevent wrinkles doesn’t work. Also, it doesn’t help your treatment (serum) go deeper into the skin. It shouldn’t be used for anything more than relaxation and zen experience.

While the experts say a Jade roller helps with antiaging it did roll out my frown lines in between my brows so the proof is in the wrinkles.

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