Is It A Rebirth or A Comeback?

Is It A Rebirth or A Comeback?

Over the past few days I felt a calmness with in myself. I dont know if it’s something with the weather cooling down or my life coming full circle, what I do know is yet again I’m reflecting. I know it seems like every other day I’m in a moment of reflection but it’s so important to me to revisit myself and see my mindset. I’ve felt more creative in the past few days. Not in the sense of doing something so flamboyant but finding beauty in the little things. Really feeling and seeing my eye and showcasing it to the world. On my instagram I started doing a photo diary of just stuff that looks pretty to me. No explanation, no editing, just me. It’s like a little project to reawaken my 3rd eye to see the world in a new way.

I’ve also noticed on here I’ve gotten a little far from personal. It’s become more about being catchy than my own personal journey. For that I apologize. If I do have any long time readers I know you’ve noticed. If you’re knew here I’m sorry for the change. I miss the connection, I miss the creativity, I miss the art. I’m giving myself permission yet again to be weird to be me. To be as silly, weird, as real as I want to be. To understand that my life is beautiful and I want to share my lessons and journey with you. This site is my own therapy. I hope you stay for the ride and learn a little something too.

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