I’m Single & I Don’t Want Kids.. Deal With It

I’m Single & I Don’t Want Kids.. Deal With It

Ever since I was around the age of 12 I knew I didn’t want kids. I admittedly was sexually mature for my age and aware that while we might use sex for pleasure it’s primary use is making babies. I made the logical decision then that I didn’t want kids and I’ve never changed it.

Since then whenever I told somebody that I didn’t want kids I was greeted with the “You’ll change your mind.” or “You’re too young for kids anyway” as if my age had anything to do with me not wanting them. I feel like half of the reason my mind is so dead set on not having them, almost a decade later, is the fact that people kept telling me I was going to change my mind. I’m not. I absolutely do not find anything appealing about motherhood, wifedom, or living the life in suburbia. Nothing happens there!

I simply do not understand why people keep trying to sell me, and women like me on the idea that kids and a family are the ideals of a successful life. Its only the ideal because we’ve been so brain-washed with the “American Dream” of family and home ownership that we now believe that it’s the only way to true happiness. It’s like life is up to you up until you do something that is not the status quo.

It’s a crying shame that it’s almost 2019 and we are still having this debate. Ladies, it’s ok to not want to have kids, a family, a white picket fence in suburbia. It really is. There is more to life than family, I said it. You can live a fully happy and successful life as a businesswoman or just a woman without the need of a husband or kids to be happy. I don’t know who told everyone it was ok for them to barge into my life and say that I need to pop out a kid. For what? Sleepless nights and another bill? I can’t and I won’t.

What is happiness for you is misery for me. You can create your happiness with your family. I, however, will find mine without kids, and without a husband. My goal in life is to be happy and successful working for my self. Kids are not and have not been in my life’s plan EVER and i don’t plan on adding them now. #DEALWITHIT

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