I’ll Do Anything For Love, But Not That

I’ll Do Anything For Love, But Not That

When it comes to the world of dating it’s hard to really know what you are. One minute you think it’s going somewhere and there’s a chance then it knocks you back ten paces.

Adrian is a blast from the past. We met up in high school and rekindled our relationship years later. I thought it would be the romance of a lifetime. We rekindled our romance fairly quickly sending sweet nothings

He would call me and we would have the sweetest conversation however nothing ever really came of it. But the soft words he would speak to me would always melt my heart. I knew they were just words, not at first my revelation came in twos.

The first was when I had confessed my feelings knowing full well that this conversation would not lead to a relationship. The distance was a huge factor, neither one of us had the time or the money to really go see each other frequently enough to really keep a relationship going. Also, I wouldn’t really trust him enough to leave him to his own devices and I get a little lonely too.

All this being sad it still hurts when you tell someone that you like them and they don’t tell you they like you too, even though their actions tell you otherwise. It’s like they can’t confess it or they really don’t like you. Either way not a good look if either one of us were in a position to move, and could have something going. It’s just not going to happen. There wasn’t even a “maybe one day babe” it was just a straight up, “awww no.”

I should have taken the hint there. I guess I was just going through it. I woke up for a bit after that but I fell right back a sleep a few days later.

Then came the most recent offense. We were texting and somehow got on the topic of him coming down here. After a few minutes of him searching, he said he couldn’t find a car, and no train tickets were available.

I told him to give me a second and let me look. I found bus tickets literally 60% less than what he would have paid for a car and a train. His exact words were ” Oh no honey I don’t do the bus.”

Those words still ignite a fire inside me. I thought (before getting mad) there might have been a reason, a bad experience, a tragic accident anything. Nope, just a no.

I was confused and frustrated because the amount of I miss you’s he would send me daily, the amount of I wish you were here’s he would send me makes me think you can take a bus ride.

At that moment I just decided that while I would find anyway and do all that I could to get up there and see him, and you couldn’t do this? Something so simple? Without even a reason.

The biggest thing to me is I don’t really ask for a lot (#independent woman ) so when I do and you can’t or unwilling to, I expect more than a very condescending “Oh no honey I don’t ride the bus.”

Like WTF?

What’s your thoughts? Am I being petty, or are you just as frustrated as me? Leave a comment below and as always don’t forget to share and subscribe to our email list!


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