I Tried Pattern By Tracee Ellis Ross And These Are My Thoughts

I Tried Pattern By Tracee Ellis Ross And These Are My Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at hair care I just don’t like to do my hair. When I was younger I hated to do it it took forever and never came out right. When I got older I cut it all off and haven’t looked back but I still have to care for it. Usually at night when I shower I mold waves into my hair and wrap it up. One product that is perfect or this Cantu leave-in conditioner it was easy and very hydrating and I would top it off with moose, but it left my hair wet all night and crunchy in the morning.

I wanted something new that was more hydrating and kept my hair lush. Enter Miss Ross. I love Tracee Ellis Ross, her style and life are what I want for me when I reach her age. When I found out she had her own line I was curious about it, it’s geared towards natural hair but I’m relaxed but still, I wanted it. I liked the packaging, it’s cruelty-free, recyclable, and helps empower people of color so why not try it?

I purchased her styling cream and headed home to experiment. I did my usual routine, wash my hair with just conditioner then towel dry then applied the cream. As expected it was thick and creamy I didn’t need a ton of product, not nearly as much as a did with Cantu. My hair drank it right up there wasn’t a lot of excess product when I combed through and my hair felt moisturized not wet. I began to mold my hair and was worried that the mold wouldn’t hold correctly. I was pleasantly surprised when it did in fact held throughout the night and the following day. My hair wasn’t stuck to my head like it usually was and there wasn’t a crunch.

Overall I enjoyed using the Styling Cream. I did expect a higher price point because it’s a lot of product and it’s good but $25 for all this it’s reasonable. I love the fact that I didn’t go to bed with a wet head and that in the morning after a quick bump the edges held up strong. Even at night after a shower and the next day the curls are still there, this is a win-win for me. If you would like to try both products( the Cantu leave-in and Patterns styling cream) you can get both on Amazon for about $20 here.

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