I Tried A Menstrual Cup. Here’s What Happened

I Tried A Menstrual Cup. Here’s What Happened

As you know I’m trying to go waste free and something that I’ve been wanting to try was a menstrual cup. Here’s how it went down.

If you’re not familiar with a menstrual cup. Its basically a reusable tampon in cup form. You insert the cup in your vagina and it creates a seal and catches it all. You then release it by pushing and dump the contents, rinse, and reinsert. The cup I got can hold 3 super tampons so lasts about 12 hours.

With me going waste free this is right up my alley. I remember it coming out a few years back and was curious but when I saw that price tag ($18) compared to 5 dollar tampons I didnt see the benefit. Being older and understanding math a bit better I know in 3 months the cup would have paid for itself! Also a waste basket not full of bloody tissues is a plus too.

The Review

I got the Organicup it’s made of medical grade silicone, no latex or dyes. It comes in 3 different sizes. Size A is for if you haven’t given birth. Size B if you have given birth vaginally. And Mini for teens. The size was B, no I don’t have kids I was nervous about it not being enough to support my flow. I’m expecting issues, let’s hope not. As instructed, you’ll need to boil the cup prior to use for about 3 to 4 minutes. I removed it from the cardboard box and cotton pouch and boiled it. This is just to sanitize it. It doesn’t become any more flexible after this. Now we wait for miss flow.

I just started and but my organicup inside. I played with the fold a bit. You can do a punch down or a C fold. Ok, putting it in was the most uncomfortable weirdest thing ever just because I wasn’t used to it. I know most people in their review, my sister included, said it took them a few cycles to get used to it. Maybe because I’m in a state of mind right now where I’m very accepting of change but I’m pretty used to it. I was right in getting the larger cup of me I waited the full 12 hours and I was leaking right at the mark. Just as I thought. I probably wont be waiting that long to change it anyway.

The most uncomfortable thing about the cup is making sure that it unfolded once you inserted it in. I cant imagine hovering over a public toilet doing this. But the bonus is the entire bathroom won’t hear the unwrapping of plastic altering everyone to your period. Also, you actually have to push this down. One time I didn’t and swore I lost the thing!

Over all this product gets 4.5 stars from me. It’s pretty easy to use once you get your fold down. Its waste free, and wallet friendly cause you only need one..forever. No conventional tampon can beat that.

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