I Recreated Bella Thorne ‘s Skin Care Mask

I Recreated Bella Thorne ‘s Skin Care Mask

So I just watched the “super cringy” Bella Thorne Get ready with me video. I get how not moisturizing reeks havoc on the skin. Especially oily skin, other than that I don’t see a cringy side to it. The sugars the say give you micro-tears in the skin but there are sugar scrubs everywhere so wtbd? (if its special sugars let me know). But her cherry mask gave me an idea because I have fruit, honey, and coconut oil. So lets no this and see what it’s about.

Bella Thorne is definitely not someone I keep tabs on. She seems fun but to wild for me, I like water and shes all fire baby. But I love celebrity how to’s and learning new beauty since its something I want to reawaken my passion in. So I’m watching everything, including this. Since the mask she creates is so easy I wanted to see how it feels and if I see a difference and I bought fruit why not?

She didn’t really give measurements, just eyeballed it. But she did explain why she used what she used it. Here’s a list of her ingredients and why.

She whisks it all together and applies it on the face. Again no real direction on how long you’re supposed to wear it on your face. But I mean it’s all-natural, who really cares?

Unlike Bella, I don’t have cherries but I do have a ton of blueberries. They also have antioxidants in them that’s good for collagen so good for the skin. I think it’ll be good. I’ll also give you guys the measurements to help you out if you want to recreate it

As you’re mixing if it gets a bit thick then add some water it’ll thin out a bit but don’t get to carried away.

After mixing this I see why she doesn’t add moisturizer to her mix. Maybe to much coconut oil but that mask is hydrating af!

Me in my mask

I washed my face with my Aveeno face wash and then applied the mask. I recommend just using your hands and forgoing any brush because its difficult to pick up. Afterwards I left it on for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once I rinsed my skin felt hydrated and supple and there was a nice glow to it. I think I’ll even apply it to every where and get that antioxidant power!

I like it so far. I also enjoy the fact I can just whip this up whenever I want. Something this hydrating would be great to use in the bitter winter. What do you guys think? Will you try it?

Watch the video below. Would you try it? Why or why not?

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