I Put Nair On My Face..Here’s What Happened

I Put Nair On My Face..Here’s What Happened
“You have a fuzzy face.” My (now former) friend told me one night after dinner. ” like there’s a fine hair all over. I have it too but I shave mine off. You should too.”
 I was taken back. I get a few strands around my lips and chin but I’ve never been called…fuzzy. That night I took her advice and shaved my face. At first, I loved my results til I realized I would have to do this every day… I love beauty as much as the next girl but shaving my face every day is very time-consuming. So I remained fuzzy face until today that is.
I always wanted to try Nair on my face, but I heard so many horror stories I was scared.  I don’t want to have burns or cause any damage to my skin but, like most things, if you do a patch test and follow the directions you’ll be fine.
I picked up a small tube of Nair Face Cream and got to work. I applied (as instructed) a thick layer of cream all over my face, and set my timer for 5 minutes. After I wiped the Nair off with a damp rag and be held my hairless face. It was red, but not as red as I thought I’d be. There was some inflammation on my cheeks and extreme dryness everywhere. I applied a calming moisturizing sheet mask to help soothe my skin.  I also rubbed some ice cubes over my face which felt amazing.
In closing.
I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you have sensitive skin, rosacea or if you are suffering from a breakout. It is very stressful on the skin and it could lead to some real damage.  I do think I will do it again but I’m definitely waiting at least 2 or 3 weeks, it’s not something I would recommend doing often. If you do try it don’t use anything that exfoliates for the next few weeks either it will burn like hell trust me.

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