I Left Christianity And Became More Spiritual

I Left Christianity And Became More Spiritual

Growing up I was a “church girl”. I went to church every Saturday (7th day Adventist) and went to the school attached to the church, and all my friends I knew from church. Girl, I was all about that church life. When I was going into 3rd grade I was transferred to public school and things were different. I was introduced to a new world and my bubble was popped. As I continued to grow up I being questioning a lot of the things I was taught.

This mainly happened when I was 18. I had stopped going to church all together around high school years but really stopped practicing forms of Christianity when I was 18. I didn’t feel the need to be honest, not like my life was going great but it wasn’t as bad as people make it seem.

When I officially left the Christian faith I left what came along with it. I don’t hate or stopped believing in Christ because who am I to say he doesn’t exist? I’m just saying it’s not just him. Understanding that other religions exist and can be valid and truthful helped me understand that this journey we’re on doesn’t have any rules other than ‘Do no harm unto others’. By following that rule you pretty much cover any religious rules. Something I’ve always felt a connection to is nature.

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Even when I was younger I would walk through the grass barefoot and feel the connection between me and the universe. I decided to follow that path as opposed to any written Christianity rules that could have been changed by what other people wanted to happen.

I know people have different views on spirituality. If you’re wondering what my practice is. I don’t really have one. I typically do a walking mediation, do kind acts for the environment (eat clean, live green) that helps everyone. I just try to be nice and keep peace at the forefront of my mind. What feels right to me will be right for me. If it’s not, then let it be a lesson but as long as I didn’t hurt anyone or living being everything is balanced in the great divine.

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