I Heard Erykah Badu Uses Crystal Deodorant So I Bought Crystal Deodorant

I Heard Erykah Badu Uses Crystal Deodorant So I Bought Crystal Deodorant

Is it really a surprise that I love Erykah Badu? I don’t know her whole discography (although what I know I love) but her whole vibe is enchanting. She’s fascinating because she beats her own drum and it’s a song we can all dance too. Plus she’s vegan and lives on a farm living that hippy life which is like my dream. Anyway, I was reading an old interview of her’s where she mentioned she uses crystal deodorant. I’ve been going deodorant free for the past week or so since running out. I’ve wanted to make my own but that was just a lot and I don’t really have faith in it, much like my homemade cleaner (tell you about that later).

When I was out at grocery shopping I found a little roll on for it and I instantly grabbed it! I was so ready to feel clean again. I researched the info about all-natural deodorant and here’s the skinny.

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  • Made from a natural mineral salt called potassium alum.🧂
  • It has antimicrobial properties 🦠
  • Potassium Alum has been used in the southeast for years
  • Cruelty-free 🐰
  • Works for 24hrs ⏳
  • Ecofriendly 🌏
  • Vegan 🐷
  • No white marks
crystal deodorant

Take my money now! I couldn’t wait to try it. I grabbed the roll-on, no particular reason, there’s on that comes in a stick too. In the interview, Badu says she applies it 100 times. I tried it with 100 swipes each pit and it took to much time. I don’t have a number of how many wipes I do but it’s less than 10.

The deodorant itself seems to last forever. Usually, after I shower the next day around the afternoon if I haven’t put any on I can tell. With crystal deodorant, I’m still good. Overall it dries quickly, keeps me dry, and lasts forever. 10/10 would recommend.

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