How To Stay Productive

How To Stay Productive

Remember a few days ago I had posted an article telling you guys how I dealt with my depression? One of the ways I dealt with my depression was by staying busy. The busier I keep myself the less likely my mind will wander to that darker place and I will also get a lot of stuff off my to-do list. Believe it or not, I’m wasn’t sure exactly how to keep myself busy with actual productive activities.

I know that sounds weird but I was literally thinking “How do busy people stay busy?” Like what are they doing actually and how do they keep busy. I can’t be the only one, please tell me I’m not. What I did to keep myself busy is to stop waiting for tomorrow and do it now. I adopted this mindset from a billionaire in Dubai that was doing a “Day in the life” interview and having a meeting while in an elevator on his way to another meeting. He said and I’m quoting him loosely” Why wait? I have time now. If I get an idea in my head or want to do something I do it right now I don’t wait.” I loved that mentally and I quickly put it into action with everything. Here’s how I do it.

Set A Goal

Have something you want to accomplish. It can be something like I want a nice house or I want to get healthy, anything you can think of. Once you have that in mind think about what you would need to do daily to achieve it. These will be the daily tasks you need to complete.

Create A list

Now I create a new list pretty much daily. At the end of the night, I have what I have completed for that day, when I wake up the next day I think about what needs to get done that day. You might prefer a written list of what needs to be done the night prior or to actually have a planner. Whatever gives you a good list of things that need to be completed works.

Treat It Like A Job

A quote that I love comes from the Buddhist religion and it says “You either do or don’t do there is no try.” In laymen’s terms, it means you’re either going to do it or you’re not. If you’re serious bout your goal then treat it like you are, it not an option. When you do this then it’s always in the back of your mind and you’ll be working towards your goal hopefully every day.

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