How To Properly Do A Chemical Peel At Home

How To Properly Do A Chemical Peel At Home

Chemical peels, once something everyone feared has become quite manageable and easy to do, in fact, you can do them in your own home now. They now come in a variety of forms, from gentle exfoliation to acne treatment and improving the overall quality of the skin, even dark spots.

Thanks to the countless options of peels on the market with various ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and citric acid plus many more. It’s hard to know exactly what you need, when you need it and how to use it, don’t worry though, I’ll give you a rough guide to lead you through.

Read The Ingredients to make sure you know what you’re getting into, different acids treat the skin differently. Reading the ingredients could mean the difference of glowing skin and red skin. Such as Citric acid and AHAs they speed the process of cell turnover to help remove dark spot(hint) but they also help with acne. They’re very gentle on the skin,

The percentage isn’t a big deal you don’t really need anything over 10% for most over the counter options. Glycolic acid, for instance, should be used for aged and sun damaged skin(hint). Aging skin can be treated with up to 20% but if you’re doing peels regularly, you’ll see results no matter what percentage you use.

If you’re using a new peel or even an old one make sure you do a patch test first. Skin changes and you’d rather have one red spot than an entire red face.

Samantha didn’t listen, will you?

There’s No prep with going into a peel usually just make sure the skin is clean. Also don’t use anything that exfoliates prior to clean the skin, like a Clarisonic because it could cause over exfoliation and leave the skin raw. However, if you wanted to use a facial steamer prior that’s fine because it’ll help the ingredients penetrate deeper.

Avoid anything that could possibly be irritating 24 to 48 hours prior. That means no scrubs, waxes, lasers, bleaching prior, When it comes to sun exposure wear sunscreen and keep it at a minimal, you have fresh baby skin now we don’t need it getting damaged. It’s also wise to avoid makeup after so you don’t clog any pores.

If you use retinoids,  avoid any retinoid-based products 4 days prior to avoid skin sensitivity.


Of course, since you just did a major exfoliation don’t use any physical exfoliators, like your Clarisonic or any facial washing bush immediately after the peel.

Make sure when following up with your skin care that you use gentle skincare products that add moisture and rejuvenate the skin. Something soothing and aloe based should do the trick.


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