How To Open Your Sacral Chakra

How To Open Your Sacral Chakra

I know it’s been a long time since I posted about the Chakras. I’ve been focusing more on my mental health and thought it would be helpful to get back more on the spiritual side again. So today we’ll be diving into your Sacral chakra.

Your Sacral chakra is right above your Root Chakra, right below the belly button, and is represented by the color orange. The color orange is an equal mixture of both yellow and red and represents both vitality and strength. The Sacral chakras control sexuality, pleasure, creativity, and is known as the home of your emotions. it’s no wonder that the sacral chakra is represented by water because it is characterized by the flow of movement between or thoughts and emotion, if you know anything about water signs in astrology this Chakra being represented by water is no surprise.

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When this chakra is blocked you’ll find

  • yourself being ruled by your emotions or feel numb.
  • you’ll be more dependant on people or vices.
  • you’ll either be hypersexual or have no sexual drive what so ever.

Opening Your Sacral Chakra

  • Burn incense and essential oils for this chakra are eucalyptus, spearmint, chamomile, patchouli, rose, ylang-ylang.
  • Positive Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra such sayings as “I flow w/ inspiration and creativity.
  • Yoga with a strong emphasis on Sacral Energy. Asanas and mindful breathing help connect the mind back to the body. My favorite pose Happy baby is great for restoring balance with this chakra.
  • Reconnect With Water by going for a swim, sitting near the sea, or taking a healing and relaxing bath could help open up this chakra.

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