How To Know You’ve Found Mister Wrong

How To Know You’ve Found Mister Wrong

I’ve had my fair share of good relationships when it ended it was mutual and no one was heart-broken. Then there are those bad ones that you know are just bad and you knew it was bad from the jump. There are always tell-tell signs that this guy is not Mr. Right and this is turning in to a bad relationship.

The Beginning Is Happy/ Pleasant

When you first meet a guy ideally there is a honeymoon phase. Not everyone has this. Sometimes you meet someone and you feel as if you’ve known them forever and you don’t have a super sweet moment. However, you should always have a moment where BOTH parties are happy to see each other and the future for you guys seem bright.

It Seems One-Sided Emotionally

There will be one person who is more into the relationship than the other, but it shouldn’t be blatantly obvious. For example, if you’re dating someone and you’re the only one who’s setting up plans, saying I love you, and claiming the other. Then you might be in a relationship with yourself. Some people aren’t always affectionate but if you ever express your feelings there should be some type of reciprocation even just an I love you text or waiting for you to finish watching the show you two have been watching together, it should be something.

Showing You Off

Ok, this one is tricky. Some guys do like to prance their girl around to show her off and that’s cool. But if that’s the only time he takes you out or wants to be around you that’s not good or cute honey. If you’re looking to be more than arm candy you might want to find someone who doesn’t view you as an object.

Dead Silence

Ok, this one is a big one that a lot of people miss. Conversations in relationships are huge in a relationship platonic or intimate. If you two are in a room together and no one can think of anything to say to each other and it’s awkward. That’s a sign of an underlying issue. You should be able to talk to someone you’re in a legitimate relationship with or if it’s quiet it’s not an awkward silence.

You Don’t Know/ Are Sure About The Future

Everyone even the most indecisive of us has an idea about how they want their lives to turn out. Usually, the one thing that we all know is how we want our relationships to go in the married or not married sense. At least they should if they’re in a relationship. So if they’re not sure, maybe you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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