How To Hygge Your Space

How To Hygge Your Space

Fall is cozy weather. I always want to get super cozy with my place when it’s cold out because I like it warm and cozy when it’s cold and bitter outside. I’ve gotten it down to a science to how to get the coziest house or apartment (whatever you have) and just go to town.

I’ll share my tips with you….

Get some Pillows of various textures and fabrics. It’s pleasing to the eye and it’s nice to get to get a different feel everytime you turn and move.

Of course, Throw Blankets are a MUST HAVE! My favorite is the plush blankets or fleece because they hold the most heat. You could always get one of those big beautiful knit blankets but, they’re better to lay on rather than curl up with.

A Heater or a Portable Fireplace. You could get either but I prefer the fireplace it’s prettier and it’s more a  comforting heat rather than just a regular heat. It’s also a good investment since you don’t have to worry about cranking up the thermostat.

Plush Robes or just Robes of any kind. You should always have a robe that is cozy and nice. One that you break out for those cold days when it’s raining and you’re looking out your window thanking God you’re not out in that. You’re in your cozy robe about to binge watch Netflix.

Slippers or fuzzy socks. My feet are always cold, even if it’s 80 degrees out my feet will be cold. When I need a nice warm hug I put on my fuzzy socks or slippers and it’s beautiful.

You, of course, need a cozy Lux Pajamas. It could be a chemise, PJ Set, or just a sleep shirt. Whatever is comfortable for you, you do you. I typically wear a sleep shirt because me and blankets + pants don’t work for me.

The final touches are nice Scented Candles like vanilla or cinnamon, and hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. Just to make you warm inside.

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