How To Have A Eco-friendly Menstrual Cycle

How To Have A Eco-friendly Menstrual Cycle

Did you know that sanitary napkins take anywhere from 500 to 800 years to breakdown? Tampons take 500 years. Why does something we literally call mother nature so harmful to mother nature? Mean there’s got to be an easier way right? There is, let me show you.

The Menstrual Cup.

Y’all I don’t have to worry about this wearing out, or spending money to get new ones every time my cycle happens, not to mention emptying a bloody wastebasket. Better yet when it is time for a new one I can just compost it (if it’s not medical grade silicone) and I’m done! If you want to know more check out my post about my first menstrual cup here.


Sanitary panties

Very similar to sanitary napkins however they are more durable than the latter. These are essentially thicker panties with the napkins sew into them. Make sure that the underwear is plastic-free so that way it is still breathable and there won’t be a musty smell. They are log lasting about as long-lasting as the cup, they’ll hold you for 8-12 hours depending on your flow.

Reusable Sanitary Napkins

Usually filled with unbleached cotton and covered with fabric these are ideal if you don’t want to have a cup inside you. Ideally, you want to treat these as a normal sanitary napkin but you’d have to wash them out by hand after every use and leave them out to dry. You can put them in the washer but for me, that seems pointless unless you don’t like blood.


Reusable Tampons

Much like the resuable sanitary napkins the cotton used it unbleached organic and wrapped in washable fabric. Make sure that there isn’t any plastic used in the item so no bacteria can get caught inside.

Ideally, the goal is to make sure that the product you use is; all-natural and contains no harsh chemicals, can be used multiple times. Our earthy mother cleans and purifies our body once a month there is no reason we need to contaminate her world when she cleans ours. Do you use any of the above-mentioned products, would you? Let me know in the comments.

They are typicallt made out of organic cotton and

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