How To Get Your Waves To Pop With A Low Cut

How To Get Your Waves To Pop With A Low Cut

I cut my hair early last June after viewing and abundance of girls on Instagram rocking the hell out of a low cut. I decided to cut it all off and never looked back. If you thought you could just cut your hair off and be done with it you’re wrong,so very wrong.

If you wear yours like mine most likely you’ll want to style some waves in it if you were planning on keeping it natural. Here’s what worked on for my hair. Make sure you keep it hydrated nothing is going to behave if its hungry. Now, I’m crazy low maintenance I use a leave in conditioner it does the job.

After that I use a pomade, almost anything works as long as its waxy. My favorite is 360 Waves it’s cheap and effective. Sport’n Waves is also go but it has a masculine smell to it. It’s not strong but 360 waves has no smell so I dont have to worry about it.

The actual process is I wet my hair, add the conditioner brush my hair down until it lays flat. After that add the pomade then brush it all the way down and then get your wave cap and durag. Leave it on for a few hours or over night. In the morning you should be straight. I’m pretty liberal when it comes to apply products but just make sure you don’t have alot left over when you’re done brushing because it wont absorb all the way.

And that’s it. Let me know if you want me to post a video tutorial on this. I’m not a youtuber at all but sometimes a video is better. Let me know!

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