How To Cure Your Brown Thumb

How To Cure Your Brown Thumb

Brown thumb (/broun/ Thəm ): The inability or lack of skill in gardening or growing plants, such that they in up dying or not growing at all. 

I recently had a friend over and was admiring my garden and she had mentioned that she kills almost every plant that she’s had. I admittedly didn’t always have a green thumb I had two plants that I killed I don’t remember what they were, but I did know they hardly got any light and I didn’t water them. I put them out in direct sunlight and they literally fried. So it’s a learned skill, you can grow plants you just need some easy to care for plants of steal to practice and learn with. Don’t give up though having a garden in the house is a great way to relieve stress, some even purify the air, and not to mention it’s great decor.

Since my deadly encounter, I was discouraged to buy any other plants thinking I couldn’t do it. Then I was looking for a hobby to get in to and took a quiz online (yes, really) and it told me to try a succulent farm. One succulent turned in to two and then a bamboo plant, now I have 11 plants in growing. Here’s how I got my babies growing

..::Read the plant card::.. 

Every plant that you buy should come with one of these, if not google them and look up their basic care tips. I do this every time, Those sticks tell you not only if the plant is high maintenance it also lets you know if it’s indoor or outdoor plants which you kind of need to know and you’ll know if you can give it the care it needs.

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..::Grab an app::.. 

Complete disclosure, I don’t always remember to water my plants and absolutely no idea on fertilization or misting. I got an app on my phone that reminds me to fertilize the plant, mist, and water the plants. There’s plenty on the market the one that I use it called Koubachi. I just enter in the plant’s name then calibrate it basically you just tell the system when the soil gets dry and it’ll have the plant on a watering schedule. When it’s time to water, fertilize or mist you’ll get notification from the app and it also tells how to water the plant because different plants need different amounts.

..::Be ready for pests::..

I had gotten a plant that had a bad spider mite infestation and I had no idea, I thought it was dying on me until I saw literally a trail of them. You’ll have to get some time of pest control there are also natural remedies to get rid of pests, also most times if you keep the leaves moisturized the pests die off. Most of the time you’ll be fine, but I when I didn’t know I thought I just couldn’t keep a big plant (it was my first palm) and I got discouraged so just letting you know it’s not always you.

That’s pretty much it. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be in your own jungle soon and it will be beautiful.

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